2014 Good Causes

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This year we are supporting Little Flower and Migrant Children’s Foundation in recognition of their outstanding efforts in the community.

Migrant Children Foundation

Founded in 2009 by British national Helen Boyle, the Migrant Children Foundation (MCF) is a non-profit organisation that works with migrant communities in Beijing, China. The organisation is staffed by a dedicated team of long-term volunteers who organise events, manage the MCF’s programs and maintain relationships with migrant schools. All of them are based in Beijing full time.

Through their activities, the MCF strives to achieve to give migrant children the opportunity to experience people and ideas they wouldn’t necessarily find in their day-to-day environment and provide both support and resources to the hard-working staff of under-resourced local schools.

At the British Charity Ball this year, we are hoping to fund the life-enhancing Health Checkup Program. MCF transports children to a hospital where they receive a full health checkup that is paid for by MCF and the sponsors. To date, 310 children have benefited from the extensive health checks and one life was substantially lengthened and enhanced thanks to early detection of heart challenges.

For more information on how you can support the MCF, please contact:




Little Flower

Chunmiao Little Flower was founded in 1995 by Americans Brent and Serena Johnson, and since then the Chunmiao Little Flower effort has provided care to thousands of abandoned children.

Every year Little Flower work with 30-40 different state-run orphanages across China to identify babies in fragile situations, provide the needed intensive care, intervene in their life-threatening medical problems, and put the baby on the path to adoption. The majority of the babies under their care have gone on to grow up healthy and happy in a family of their own. Little Flower simply love babies and it is that simple. What a fantastic cause to support!

Each month, Little Flower spends approximately 1.2 million RMB, or 180,000 USD to keep their six projects running across two locations. This includes the cost of life-saving surgeries, medical supplies, 24-hour intensive care, and school tuitions. It is a huge, almost insurmountable challenge to raise this sum every month.

Again, 94% of that budget goes directly towards childcare expenses and Little Flower guarantee that 100% of all YOUR donations will go towards childcare expenses.

For more information on how you can support Little Flower, please contact:





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