2006 Good Causes

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In 2006, we were pleased to be able to raise money for two local charities: PeopleLINK and Care For Children.

PeopleLINK is a unique professional social work organisation harnessing local andinternational resources. PeopleLINK works with around fifty NGOs throughout China, with hundreds of beneficiaries. Sustainability depends not just on financial aid, but also on having the capacity to function efficiently and with the expertise that allows them to bring about lasting social change. Their social workers provide training and coaching to these NGOs so as to meet their specific needs and work towards a more sustainable future with a greater impact on the people they serve.

Care for Children is a registered charity working in partnership with national and local governments in China to introduce Foster Care and other strategic initiatives to relieve hardship, distress and sickness and to enrich the lives of orphans and other needy children. Care for Children has a vision to see 1 million orphaned and abandoned children in families by the end of the decade.

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