2016 Good Causes

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This year we are supporting Love&Hope and Roundabout in recognition of their outstanding efforts in the community.



Donation and Distribution Centre
Fundraising Retail Store
Bridge Connecting YOU to the Cause.

We offer assistance by either directly passing on the items you have donated or by selling them in our retail store to raise funds. Store proceeds pay for medical costs for orphans and others less fortunate, sheltered housing for the elderly, warm blankets, food and other basic needs items for distribution.

Our overhead costs are also covered by store sales meaning that 100% of all monetary donations passed to us goes directly to help people in need.

A vital part of our work is acting as an information hub connecting potential donors with needy causes.

We provide aid to a wide range of people, including the elderly, children in orphanages and from poor families, mentally or physically challenged people and women from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Love and Hope

Love & Hope is a non-profit, non-governmental organization providing vocational training for under privileged youth to broaden their opportunities for future work.

Urban centers in China draw hundreds of thousands of families seeking employment. However the children of these families are often hard to receive basic social services in the cities, such as education. Furthermore many of these migrant workers leave their children behind in their rural communities to be looked after by a relative or even to look after themselves.

We have been operating this vocational training boarding school since 2006, and are registered as the Love & Hope Center of Beijing. Our facilities are located in a small village to the north of Beijing. Since opening we have looked after over 400 students who have come to us from all over China. Many of these children are now following their own careers in teaching and dental laboratory work, and others are enrolled in University.

Love & Hope relies on generous donations and support from the local and international community to continue. We are also working with members of this community to produce products for sale. All the proceeds from these products go towards the continuation and development of the school.