2018 Good Causes

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This year we are supporting Educating Girls in Rural China and Dew Drops Little Flower in recognition of their outstanding efforts in the community.

Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC) empowers women in rural regions of Western China to escape the cycle of poverty through education.

The traditional belief for Chinese families is that having a son is vital. In rural Western China, some families will have six, seven or more children in the attempt to produce a son. The son would receive all the opportunities to advance himself. In contrast, daughters are expected to take care of their male siblings, marry early or take jobs to support their families.

In peoples’ eyes China is a wealthy country today. While education equality has improved in China’s urban centres, in rural regions, where EGRC works, people live in a different world. EGRC is selecting girls who are in desperate situations but who are determined to change their lives through education.

EGRC has provided the gift of education to 842 girls from the poorest regions of rural China. The girls have achieved a graduation rate of over 99%.

In China, most abandoned children are born with medical issues and disabilities. Proper medical care is critical because these conditions could endanger the lives of the children or cause lifelong harm. We believe that despite being rejected, every child deserves a fighting chance. Dew Drops (小水滴) partners with state-run orphanages to provide specialized medical care to abandoned children. Our early intervention strategies, including surgeries, therapies, and individualized care, give these children hope in a brighter future.

Dew Drops was established in 2016 and registered as a charity in 2017 by the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. We provide medically fragile orphans and children from disadvantaged families with medical assistance, preoperative and postoperative care, and comprehensive support services through our Orphan Care Program and Family Support Program. In 2017, we provided 46 life-saving surgeries and specialized care to 108 abandoned children. Through our Family Support Program, we provided 44 families a safe haven for their sick children including emotional support, housing in Beijing, postoperative rehabilitation and surgical treatments.