2010 Good Causes

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This year, we were proud to donate our proceeds to Roundabout, The Kaifeng School for the Deaf and PengCheng Special Education School.

Roundabout – recycle and give from your heart
Roundabout provides the bridge between those who are in need and those who can help.  We are a non-profit organization. Individuals may donate their high quality unwanted goods to Roundabout, and they get it to those who need it. Individuals provide Roundabout with cash donations and they get 100% of it out there and working to make a difference.  Roundabout works alongside reputable organisations that are already helping to alleviate poverty and suffering. These organisations no longer need to spend valuable time sourcing donations as Roundabout provides this, which means they are free to focus on their level of expertise.  For example, an organisation helping children traumatised by the Sichuan earthquake was desperately seeking donations of warm winter clothing and bedding. One call to Roundabout and the required items were on their way, leaving the group free to focus on the children.  Since opening in 2009, Roundabout, coupled with the generosity of our community, was able to reach out and touch the lives of hundreds of people less fortunate than ourselves. Children, mothers, elderly people, rural groups, disabled people…

Kaifeng School for the Deaf
The Kaifeng School for the Deaf is a boarding school in the ancient city of Kaifeng.  Sixty children aged 3 to 8 years old from poor and migrant worker families in rural Henan live at Kaifeng School for the Deaf where they are fitted for hearing aids, taught by certified teachers, receive physical therapy if needed and are taught sign language, speech and lip reading and other life skills to help them cope and flourish in a hearing world.  Most children are able to attend the local village school after graduation. Donations from the Rocky Horror British Charity Ball 2010, will go towards covering the salaries for four of the eight certified full-time teachers.

PengCheng Special Education School for Mentally Challenged Children, known as ‘Granny Han’s.
Mrs. Han Rufeng “Granny Han”, a retired teacher, discovered that no special education school would take her grandson, because his IQ was below the cut-off of 50.  So in 1999, this determined grandmother started her own school for children like her grandson, the Peng Cheng Special Education School for Mentally Challenged Children. The school now helps over a hundred children whose average IQ is 22 – acquire basic education and life skills, and dispenses medicine, food, and love. Children who once could not talk or clean themselves are learning to read; many of the students, despite a variety of disabilities, are making remarkable progress.

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